Yard Hand Truck Driver

Reference: 2001393W
Category: Trades & Services
Type: Full Time-Perm
Location: Jobs in Bendigo

This positions entails a capable person who has licences to drive a variety of vehicles including the prime mover and heavy rigid truck.

The person must be capable of operating machinery as the main duties will be pick up of machinery and dropping off to areas around Victoria including Melbourne.  Licences showing competency would be preferred for this positon for operating machinery including forklifts.

Tying down machinery with regard to Occupational Health and Safety and Vicroads requirements and including care of the plant items so that damage is not caused to tracks or other areas of the machinery.

The position would also require the right person to fill in between delivery and pick up jobs with other work which may entail cleaning up in the yard area, poisoning weeds, sweeping etc.


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