Social media policy.

Our protocols for social media usage.

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Social media refers to the connection of people in an online environment, and it has become a key information source for many people.

Social media includes:

  • Social networking sites, such as Facebook
  • Video and photo sharing websites, such as YouTube and Flickr
  • Micro-blogging sites, such as Twitter
  • Weblogs, including corporate blogs, personal blogs or blogs hosted by traditional media publications
  • Forums and discussion boards, such as Whirlpool and Google Groups
  • Online encyclopaedias, such as Wikipedia
  • Any other web sites that allow individual users or companies to post comments to the web

Where social media differs from most other forms of traditional media is the ability to engage in true two-way communication and for virtually anyone to participate in and contribute to content. Fox Personnel recognises that most of its employees will use or interact with social media on a personal level, either at work or home.

With this recognition comes the need for a policy that ensures employees who use social media, in a personal capacity or as part of their job, have information to support responsible use where Fox Personnel’s business is involved, including: its services, its people, its stakeholders and/or other business related individuals or organisations.

This policy covers an employee’s use of social media as part of their employment or in a personal capacity, and applies whenever an employee’s or contractor’s use of social media relates to or impacts on their capacity to perform their role as a Fox Personnel employee.

The policy also outlines the procedures an employee must follow if they wish to become an authorised Fox Personnel social media representative.

The policy applies to all employees and contractors.

General conditions of use

Any proposal for the use of social media to engage with an audience or stakeholder will be evaluated by the company directors.

Fox Personnel employees are bound by our Code of Conduct. The values, personal and professional behaviour required under both of these codes apply to your interactions or engagements within the social media space.

As is the case when speaking to someone face-to-face, over the phone or to a group in a public forum, Fox Personnel employees are required to exercise prudence and good judgement when using social media.

To assist its ongoing online engagement and social media strategy, Fox Personnel has an authorised Fox Personnel social media representative. The social media representative has a responsibility to engage in social media on behalf of Fox Personnel. You may not comment on policy, strategy or operations unless you are authorised to do so in accordance with this policy. Information about becoming an authorised Fox Personnel social media representative is available further in this document.

You are encouraged to contact the authorised social media representative if you identify an issue that Fox Personnel should be interested in or respond to. In the first instance, this should be through your direct line manager or consultant.