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From our candidates

Q: How can I register with Fox Personnel?

To register for jobs in Bendigo, jobs in Geelong or jobs in Shepparton, go to our Registration Page and simply fill in the details! We will be in touch.

Q: Will my details be kept confidential?

Fox Personnel adheres strictly to a code of conduct which stipulates that your details are never passed on to a third-party without your consent each time. See our Privacy Policy.

Q: Once I have registered with Fox Personnel, should I still apply directly to vacancies which interest me on the Fox Personnel website?

Yes, just apply online from the links on our Vacancy Page for each job that interests you. It is possible that you are already under consideration, however this approach makes sure that we are considering you.

Q: Is there any cost to me?

No, there is no charge to our candidates.

Q: What happens when I apply for a job on the Fox Personnel Vacancy Page?

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your application and notified either as to your level of success or as to the next step in the process. As a recruitment company which values your privacy, we ensure that none of your details will be passed on to a third-party until you have been short-listed and Fox Personnel has been given your consent to do so. 

Q: Is it possible to apply to do temp work whilst I am looking for a full time job?

Yes, whether you are wanting to be considered for Labour Hire (Managed Labour) or Office Temp work in Bendigo, Shepparton or Geelong regions you can apply to join our Temp Team.  If short-listed after interview,  you will be required to undergo skills tests and offer the names of three (3) referees.

Q: Can you guarantee me a job?

Unfortunately not. We are governed by the vacancies that we have available at any one time. We encourage our candidates to keep in touch with us and to list our Vacancy Page as a favourite on their computer. This will list current job vacancies in Bendigo, Geelong and in Shepparton.

From employers

Q: How do I go about getting temporary office staff?

For temporary staff in Geelong call 03 5243 7706. For Temporary Staff in Bendigo call 03 5441 2959. For Temporary Staff in Shepparton call 03 5831 6656.

Q: What about Labour Hire in Geelong, Shepparton, or Bendigo?

Fox Managed Labour hires labourers at an hourly rate in a wide range of industries. We offer labour hire in manufacturing, construction for engineering projects. We also offer labourers in regional Victoria. For regional Victorian labour hire please call the closest Fox Personnel office to discuss details.

Q: What are the minimum hours that temps / labourers can be hired for?

3 hours.

Q: How do you pay temp staff?

Our temps fill out a time-sheet which is signed by their supervisor and then emailed / faxed / dropped in to us. We pay the temps directly into their bank accounts.

Q: What is the hourly rate for temporary office staff?

This will depend on the type of work they are doing and at what level. The hourly rate will include their wages plus all on-costs including superannuation, taxes, insurances, etc. You will need to call our office to discuss the hourly rate for your temp.

Q: What are the fees for labour hire?

As above in the previous question, the fees for hiring labour will depend on the industry and the tasks being performed. To find out the fees for labour hire please contact us.

Q: How do I go about recruiting for permanent positions through Fox Personnel?

Fox Personnel specialises in “end-to-end” recruiting at all levels across all industries. Our consultants will take a detailed brief from you about your needs and come back to you with a detailed plan of action. If you are happy to proceed that’s all you have to do until its time for you to interview your short-listed candidate(s). You can get on with your own work and leave all of the time consuming recruitment work up to Fox Personnel.

Q: How do you reference check candidates?

Fox Personnel takes care of all of the reference checks and provides you with a report on each short-listed candidate.